Vegas Pro Best-Ever Horseracing Angles

Designed for PRO players only, these Best-Ever Racing Angles all have long-term ROIs over 2.0!




$49.5 (USD)


Windows All Versions

Vegas Pro Best-Ever Horseracing Angles Download

Description of Vegas Pro Best-Ever Horseracing Angles:

Only 4% of horserace bettors make money over time. This Vegas Pro has, since 1972! Here are his 3 Best-Ever Angles, selected from the hundreds of angles he has tested and tried and bet real money on over the years.These 3 Best-Ever Angles are NOT for beginning players. They are solely for those Pros who likely earn most or all of their incomes from betting.Effective for 60 days they will go on LIMITED sale (a maximum of 35 copies sold in states with horseracing tracks, 50 copies in non-track states) to keep the Angle odds up. The ONE-TIME price for all 3 Angles is a bargain; 1 Win or Exacta will repay that investment! Again, this material is not for beginning or less-experienced horserace bettors. It is intended for PROFESSIONAL players only.WANT MORE INFO ON THIS MANUAL? Visit our website:

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