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Description of Torrey Applet:

The Torrey applet allows you to browse the extensive information provided in Torrey's Topical Textbook.

From the beginner to the serious Bible scholar, Torrey's Topical Textbook is an essential resource, providing a detailed categorisation of scripture, and this LogosWord applet will enable you to access that information quickly and easily.

NOTE : You must first have installed LogosWord or LogosLite before using this applet. PC.- Program for checking Free Flight competitions with GPS.- Detects automaticly the landing position of the pilots.- Works with calibrated maps.- 3D view of flights and mountains.- Reads all Garmins, MLR, & Top Navigator GPS.- Can be fully connected to RACE classification program.- Easy to use.- Works with new cylindrical Sectors.- Can read more than one GPS at the same time.- Works with both UTM and degrees coordinate system.- Shareware software.- Produces animation to recreate the competition. (In 2D or 3D).- The animation can be saved as a WEB page.- English and Spanish versions available. - The only program where you can draw your montains.- Compatible with OziExplorer: Can work with OziExplorer maps, tracks, and waypoint files.

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