Time Lord (Single Licence)

Corrects your computrer's clock via the Internet.




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Description of Time Lord (Single Licence):

Monitors dial up connections and can set the time once you are connected to the Internet for another purpose e.g. retrieving your mail.Requires no user intervention to set your PC's time.Works if you connect to the Internet via RAS, an ISDN router or have a direct connection.Easy access to configuration via the system tray.Optionally allows you manually to dial the Internet using one of your existing phone book entries to set your PC's time.Optionally maintains a log of connections and time corrections.Automatically corrects times for your local time zone.Can use either of the common Time Server time formats, plus Net Time of Day supported by NT Server.Comes complete with its own Timer Server program which you can use internally on your own networks.Time Lord Service is an application that runs as a service under Windows NT 4 or Windows 2000. Time Lord Service can act both as a time client and a time server. The time client service can correct your computer?s clock via an Internet time server using either the SNTP or Time protocol. The client service will work with either a direct Internet connection, or it can detect the presence of a dial up connection.The time server service provides an RFC868 compliant time server that can use both TCP and UDP protocols.The Site Licence for Time Lord includes a licence for the NT4/Windows 2000 Service.

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