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Tiff Split v4.0 - Splits large batches of multi-page tiffs into folders of single page files, can also be run with a command-line




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Description of Tiff Split v4.0:

Tiff Split from Brainchild Technologies is the ideal solution for splitting multi-page Tiff Files into single-page files. It processes files quickly and produces a detailed audit report of each file it has split out. It is geared to the Document Imaging and Scanning market, this application makes splitting out large scanned documents quick and easy, either with a user interface, or run via a command-line string.

Tiff Split takes a batch of multi-page Tiff's and separates each file into single page files as selected. Tiff Split can take a folder of images and process them, or it can drill through an entire directory structure and replicate it as with folders of single page images. Tiff Split has two main output options, it can create a sub-folder named as the original file and split the file in the format of "00000001.tif" etc. within that sub-folder, or in the replicated directory structure, or in the root of the destination folder in the format of "Filename-001.tif" or "Folder1-SubFolder-1-001.tif" etc.

It will also create an audit file for each file split out, which details each file (Full path, File Date, File Time, the Date and Time it was split out) and each file that is created from it. This can be useful to satisfy legal requirements for scanning images, as in some cases you need to keep proper records of scanned files. The default for this is "DestFolderName_yyyymmdd_hhmm.csv", but it can be changed to another name, either a job reference or other title, the format of the Dates and Times in the audit file are based on your PC's Regional Settings.

Tiff Split also has the option to Rotate the split files, but leaving the original file as it is. This can be very useful if the pages were scanned landscape to save on scanning time, but they need to be portrait. It should be noted that this option will slow up the split process, compared to normal split mode. There is also the option to split the files out as Black and White Group 4 tiffs, or as JPEG Images, this can be useful if the images were scanned as JPEG compressed Tiffs but you require them to be in JPEG format, or if they were originally black and white, you can resample them to black and white, thus reducing the file size.

Tiff Split can also be run with a Command-line string, this eliminates the user interface, and allows you to incorporate Tiff Split into your own application or plug-in to you existing Document Management or Imaging system. The elements of the user interface, source folder, destination, processing options etc. are represented as parameters in the command-line string, and the application runs minimised and the progress information is in the Title Bar.

Restrictions: This application requires "Windows Imaging" to be pre-installed. Wang Imaging for Windows 95/NT, or Kodak Imaging for Windows 98/ME/2000, these come with the Windows operating system. This is a restricted demo version that will timeout after 14 days, after which you will need to purchase the full version, which has no restrictions, if you wish to continue using this product.

Important Note to Windows XP Users: This application is NOT supported under Windows XP, as it has not been proven to work. Windows XP users may experience problems running this application.

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