Tiff Counter v4.0

Tiff Counter v4.0 - audits groups of Tiffs, gets page counts, size, date etc, can also be run from a command line.




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Description of Tiff Counter v4.0:

Tiff Counter from Brainchild Technologies is the ideal solution for counting the pages within, and auditing, Tiff Image Files. It processes files quickly and produces a detailed audit report of each file it has examined. It is geared to the Document Imaging and Scanning market, this application makes auditing and invoicing for scanning jobs quick and easy.

This utility will search for Tiff Image Files from the root folder selected down through all sub-folders and so on down the folder tree. Once it has built up a list of these files it will go through each one and get the file information, file size, page count, last modified date etc. It mainly keeps a running total of the number of pages. All this information is recorded to a audit file, which has a default format, but this can be changed to whatever filename as you wish (usual Windows file naming restrictions apply), the dates and times in the file, are based on your PC's Regional Settings.

Tiff Counter can also now be run with a command line, thus eliminating the user interface, and also enables you to incorporate it into your own document management system. All you need to do is pass it the path, and it will run in the background, and it will still produce the audit file and activity log files. This also enables you run Tiff Counter on a particular group of files at a certain time of the day, and also at regular intervals, to overlook and report on a group of Tiff files say every hour, so you can keep a record of changes and additions etc. to a group of files, again useful for legal requirements.

Restrictions: This is a restricted demo version that will timeout after 14 days, after which you will need to purchase the full version, which has no restrictions, if you wish to continue using this product.

Important Note to Windows XP Users: This application is NOT supported under Windows XP, as it has not been proven to work. Windows XP users may experience problems running this application.

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