Task3000 Menu (also independent program) & Submitter

Menu System (also independent program) and Submitter for the Task3000 system.




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Task3000 Menu (also independent program) & Submitter Download

Description of Task3000 Menu (also independent program) & Submitter:

Task3000 Menu is used to generate the tree level structures above menus, programs and Task300 tasks. Menu can be generated by Task3000 Menu - Edit Menu, which enables you to generate the desired menu system. Program can be used independently of with other Task3000 programs.Task3000 Submitter is used to send the proper parameters to the Task3000 task. Parameters for generation of the menu are generated by Task3000 Workstation program. Simple checking is performed, like test for numerical data, limiting the entered parameter by minimum and maximum, checking the date, selecting the files by menu and checking the existence of the file etc.More information on www.task3000.com

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