SQLExpress Lite

SQLExpress is an object-oriented ODBC library for Xbase++ (a 32bit multithreaded compiler for Windows), see: http://www.SQLExpress.net




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Description of SQLExpress Lite:

SQLExpress is an object-oriented ODBC wrapper that provides your Xbase++ application with seamless connectivity to a variety of SQL Database Management Systems. With SQLExpress you will be able to create industrial strength client/server applications using MS SQLServer, Oracle, DB2, Sybase, Informix, MySQL and many other data sources that are accessible through ODBC.
SQLExpress Lite is limited to only one active ODBC connection. You will need either the Pro or Enterprise version in order to:Connect to more than one ODBC data source concurrently. ; Maintain more than one concurrent transaction. Transactions are connection local, therefore multiple connections to the same ODBC data source can be established in order to maintain separate transactions on each connection. ; Access a data source from more than one thread. Each Xbase++ thread that needs to access an ODBC data source will require a separate connection.

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