RightClick-Encrypt is a revolutionary new encryption utility which is aimed at providing the easiest and feature-rich encryption experience around.




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Description of RightClick-Encrypt:

RightClick-Encrypt features:* 5 different encryption algorithms, including the new impregnable algorithm designed by ZaberSoft inc.: NDevil(tm) ; * Encrypt files and entire folders with one easy click. ; * Restrict Folders and protect them against delete, move, rename etc. ; * Easy recognition of file contents using revolutionary icon-overlay technology. This enables Semi-Transparent Encryption using the TrueView(tm) module. ; * Beautifully designed WinXP-style application interface to give you the user interface for the future. ; * First time user Settings Wizard to guide you through the setup process. ; * File wiping: Customizable secure deletion of files. ; * All algorithms improved in safety using key-vectoring and other key management technologies developed by ZaberSoft. ; * Built-in user management system: Allow only administrator approved users to use the encryption and wiping capabilities ; * Extensive help and support using Browser based components such as ActiveFind(tm) and frequently updated online help. ; * Easy product update using the Zabersoft Autoupdate Utility. ; * Language support. Find your countries language pack on our website and enjoy the RightClick-Encrypt experience in your local language.; NEW! SelfDecrypting Files: Create selfdecrypting files with ease to share secure data with your friends and co-workers who don't have RightClick-Encrypt installed; NEW! Use the new USB Hardware interface in RightClick-Encrypt to retrieve keys from any hardware device which fits into an USB port on your computer. This can greatly increase seurity, and you can even use special security hardware keys and other Human Interface Devices (HID) to generate keys!

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