Remote Control for PalmOS

Your PC application at your palmtop




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Windows All Versions

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Description of Remote Control for PalmOS:

Connect your PDA or Smart Phones directly to your PC or via the Internet from any location to collect important information, read E-mail, send faxes and control the status of your Web server from anywhere in the world with this powerful software tool.Remote Control gives you the potential to control your PC directly from your device from any connection: modem, mobile phones or wireless connection.The software is a micro application installed on your device that takes control of your PC, so you can edit a document, see an excel file or reboot your machine.This product is especially developed for people who are traveling and need to collect data and information in real time no matter where they are.There?s no worry about the amount of memory on your device , all you need to do is make the connection and navigate with your Internet Browser directly on your PC.Remote Control gives you the full control of the mouse position and mouse clicking , keyboard and special keys sequence.

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