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Description of PhotoPrint:

PhotoPrint is a professional utility for people working with graphic content.It makes large image collection management easy and creates ready-to-printphoto albums. User-friendly interface along with command line mode makes itboth handy for inexperienced user and professional. Many things can be appliedautomatically - page header and footer macros, image comment macros, AutoArrangemode - at the same time you can position and size images any way you like. Allthis allows to create a unique presentation quickly and easily. Image frame and shadow size, color and ankle can be customized. Several kindsof image alignment let you organize images on page exactly as you want.Project inspector vastly eases working with project. All images currently notused in the project are organized in so-called "No Arrange" page and you candrag-n-drop them to whatever page you like.Working with many images as with one project allows to avoid everyday routinework whenever you need to make minor changes.Another great feature of PhotoPrint, as well as of any fCoder program,is fast thumbnail creation - even if you work with hundreds of images at once -it won't slow down you computer.

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