OfficeManager - powerful database-tool, designed for use in offices in the first place.




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OfficeManager - the powerful database tool, designed for suitable keeping and quick searching for datas. OfficeManager is designed for such specific tasks as close-fitting interaction with companies of different directions and most further cooperation with them.After deep analysis of the market of software database-tools, including the tools for office managers, the conclusion was made that virtually all database mechanisms are developed by people that have no practical experience in how such applications must work and what instruments are used for office applications.The given product and its future versions hope to allow this problem.When developing OfficeManager, the attempt was made to implement the simple, but powerful product. And what has ensued -- yet another commercial tool for dummies or something more powerful -- that is the subject for you, testers, to decide.Main OfficeManager features:Keeping information on companies Keeping information on agents Keeping information on types of activity Possibility of the searching for companies Possibility of the searching for agents Fixing of all contacts with companies Possibility to set period of the contract with the company Warning on approach to termination of contract Warning on date of basis of company Warning on birth days of directors of companies Presentation of information in suitable form Flexible system of reports

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