nCoder Password Manager 2001

Never forget a password anymore, nCoder Password Manager 2001 will manage all your passwords. This easy to use, secure (RC4 encryption) multi featured




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Windows All Versions

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Description of nCoder Password Manager 2001:

nCoder Password Manager 2001 is a small utility for Window 98/2000/ME/NT, which will make sure you will never forget a password again. These days we have to remember many passwords (mail accounts, web sites, secure files etc.) at work and home. It can be really difficult remembering all of them, and how many times have you thought ?Oh what?s my password for this...?Now you don?t have to worry about anything like that. nCoder Password Manager 2001 will handle all your password related problems. You can also use it for your other PIN numbers & credit card numbers. For example, when you are doing some online shopping, you don?t have to keep pulling out your credit card and typing in your details every time. With nCoder Password Manager 2001, all you have to remember is ONE PASSWORD. This master password will give you access to all your passwords in an instant. nCoder Password Manager 2001 was designed to be really easy to operate. Features 1. Drag and Drop Passwords to any application 2. All Passwords are encrypted using the RC4 encryption algorithm 3. Multiple User Support 4. System Tray Support 5. Instant URL launching 6. Easy to use 7. Create passwords using the inbuilt Random Password Generator (making them impossible to guess) 8. Categorise Passwords 9. Backup/Restore passwords

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