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l0stat generates statistics of NT password L0phtcrack resultsl0stat is a tool that uses L0phtcrack results in order to generate a set of statist




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Description of l0stat statistics:

In a security assessment of password database quality based on L0phtcrack, how could you sumarize a 5000 account results information ? there's no way if you don't use an specific utility to do so.

l0stat provides statistical info about all user or computer accounts in terms of a basic and position analysis.

Basic Analysis gives a global view of strength of password account: Total accounts; how many null passwords; same passwords as accounts; revealed passwords; type of characters on password contents; distribution of passwords classified by their lengths

Position Analysis gives a detailed view of patterns of password contents of revealed accounts:
Amount of revealed characters at each password string position; Frequency of characters depending on positions; Top 5 most repeated characters; Top 10 combinations of 2 to 5 characters; Resemblances between accounts and passwords

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