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JPEG Converter v4.0 - for batch processing of JPEG, BMP, and TIFF Files - Convert, Resize, Rotate, and Resample, also runs from a command-line string




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Description of JPEG Converter v4.0:

JPEG Converter from Brainchild Technologies is the ideal solution for batch processing BMP or TIFF files to JPEG Format, From JPEG Format to Bitmap, PCX, B/W or Colour TIFF, resizing JPEG Images, rotating BMP, JPEG, and Tiff Images, and Resampling BMP, and Tiff Images. It is geared to the Document Imaging and Scanning market, but can be useful to other organisations who have a need for batch processing images.

This new version 4.0 comprises a new, nice, small, easy-to-use interface. It will search the selected folder and all subfolders for TIFF, JPEG, and BMP files depending on which mode is selected. Once it has completed searching it will then go through them all and process them as selected, depending on which tab you are currently on. It will show the progress and number of files it has done out of how many it found.

Convert Images: The Convert Existing JPEG's method will search for JPEG files and resave them in the default setting. The Convert To JPEG will search for BMP and TIFF files and convert it to a JPEG at the selected quality factor. If a Multi-page tiff is found it will only convert the first page. The Convert from JPEG option will search for JPEG files and convert them in one of four ways. JPEG to BMP (24-bit Colour Bitmap), JPEG to PCX, JPEG to Colour Tiff, and JPEG to B/W G4 Tiff, the last option will resample the image to B/W first.

When converting to JPEG, the Quality Factor setting is specifying how much the file is compressed and good the file is. A low setting will result in a good quality/low compression file (low by JPEG standards, but still high by Bitmap and Tiff standards), a high setting will result in a low quality/highly compressed file. The default is 10, this gives a good size file and near perfect quality file.

Resize JPEG Images This will search for all JPEG images and resize them depending on what is selected. It can perform a Percentage resize, e.g. make the new files 50% the size of the original, the specific resize will look at the image and resize it so that the largest dimension is the number selected and the other dimension is what ever percentage that turns out to be, so that the image keeps its aspect ratio. When resizing, there are two modes to choose from, BiCubic or Triliniar. Both give different results on different images, Triliniar tends to the be the best.

Rotate Images - New Feature This will search for the specified images, either JPEG, BMP, TIFF, or all 3, and rotate them according to which option is selected. This is a very fast way of rotating a group of files the same way. Can be very useful if you have had to scan a load of images portrait when the content reads landscape. This has the option of 90 degrees Clockwise, 90 degrees Anti-clockwise, 180 degrees, and it also has a mirror option.

Resample Images - New Feature This will search for the specified images, either BMP, or TIFF, and resample them according to which option is selected. This can be either 256 colours, 16 colours, black and white only (2 colours), or true colour 24bit, as some images are scanned 16bit colour and modern apps have difficulty opening them.

JPEG Converter can also be run with a Command-line string, this eliminates the user interface, and allows you to incorporate JPEG Converter into your own application or plug-in to you existing Document Management or Imaging system. The elements of the user interface, root folder, processing options etc. are represented as parameters in the command-line string, and the application runs minimised and the progress information is in the Title Bar.

Restrictions: This is a restricted demo version that will timeout after 14 days, after which you will need to purchase the full version, which has no restrictions, if you wish to continue using this product.

Important Note: This application is NOT supported under Windows XP, as it has not been proven to work. Windows XP users may experience problems running this application.

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