Investment and Mortgage Loan Calculator

CN Global Investment and Mortgage Loan Calculator is a suite of Calculators for the Serious Investor




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Description of Investment and Mortgage Loan Calculator:

This software provides quick and detailed analysis of your financialquestions such as how much money can I borrow,

what will be my repayments, what are the implications of different types ofloans,

how soon can I pay my loan, howcan I reduce the loan and the list goes on.

this software provides youanswers with comprehensive Graphs and payment schedules.

Also you can export end resultsto Excel for reporting purposes.

This is a great little tool youmust have before you purchase a property or

make a serious investment.Following calculators are available with this software.

Borrowing Limit Calculator
Loan Calculator
Extra Repayment Calculator
Lump Sum Calculator
Equity Loan Calculator
Indexed Repayment Calculator
Split Loan Calculator
Loan Comparison Calculator
Savings Plan Calculator
Term Deposit Calculator

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