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Image Master v2.1 - Advanced imaging tool for viewing, converting, and rotating image files




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Description of Image Master v2.1:

Image Master from Brainchild Technologies is an advanced imaging tool, it's the ideal application for viewing, converting, rotating, and editing image files, it is compatible with BMP, JPEG, and TIFF (Single or Multi-page). It has an easy-to-navigate interface, and allows files to be viewed much quicker than standard applications. It is ideal for viewing large image collections or scanned jobs.

Viewing: This application will display Bitmap, JPEG and Tiff images quickly and easily, it comes with a range of functions including, zoom, rotate, annotation, and the ability to search a folder structure for images, this can be very useful if the images you want to view are in different folders. It has very simple interface.

Converting: This application has a built in Batch Image Converter, this has the capability to convert a batch of Bitmap (BMP) Images and Tiff Images to JPEG Files, and JPEG Images to Bitmap (BMP) Files, B/W Group 4 Tiff Files, and Colour Tiff Files. This is done very fast and produces very good quality files.

JPEG Resizing: This application has a built in Batch Resize function for JPEG Images, this has the capability to resize a batch of JPEG Images to either a specific percentage (e.g. 50%, half its original size), or to a base value (e.g. 150 pixels). The Base value will be applied to the highest dimension (width or height), the other will be calculated based on that. This is ideal for creating a batch of thumbnail pictures or wallpaper images.

Rotating: This application also comes with a Batch Image Rotator, this has the capability to rotate a batch of files, as selected, to one of 4 present angles, 90' (Clockwise and Anti-Clockwise), 180', and it also has a Mirror function. This is done at a similar speed as the Converter.

Restrictions: This application requires "Windows Imaging" to be pre-installed. Wang Imaging for Windows 95/NT, or Kodak Imaging for Windows 98/ME/2000, these come with the Windows operating system. This is a restricted demo version that will timeout after 14 days, after which you will need to purchase the full version, which has no restrictions, if you wish to continue using this product.

Important Note: This application is NOT supported under Windows XP, as it has not been proven to work. Windows XP users may experience problems running this application.

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