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IDE-max '97 is the all-new 'all in one box' solution for all your IDE problems!Also very useful for owners of SCSI CD-ROMs!!!ATAPI:Allows you to use ANY ATAPI device with your Amiga, includingANY ATAPI 1.2 compliant IDE/ATAPI CD-ROM, LS120 ATAPI Floppy drive,TORiSAN ATAPI CD-ROM changer, NEC 4x4 changer and more!!!!Supports reading of CDDA data from IDE port (requires MakeCD orsimilar ATAPI CD-Reader program).ATAPI CD-ROM changers:ATAPI drivers and CacheCDFS are modified to support ATAPI changerslike TORiSAN and NEC changers. You can either use a seperate changerutility to change to the desired disk, or you can mount each diskseperately! This is a great advantage for BBS systems!New drivers are included for:Amiga IDE port (A600, A1200, A4000, A4000T) WinnerCD (Vesalia),AT-BUS2008, TandemCD, TandemAT, AlfaPower, AlfaPower plus, CD1200,CD1200 plus, AlfaQuattro (all AlfaData Technic Corp.), Buddha(Individual Computers), EasyCD (Telmex), RandyROM (MLC)CacheCDFS:Very sophisticated ISO9660, RockRidge and MAC HFS compatibleCD-ROM FileSystem. Features: Amiga Protection bits supported, advancedLRU caching algorhythm, Built-in MultiSession support, Trax support,MultiVolume support (more than one ISO image on a CD). Embedded Audiosupport. Works with with SCSI-I, SCSI-II and ATAPI drives! Supportsreading from CD-Writers!CDFSprefs:An intuition based preferences tool to adjust CacheCDFSsettings 'on the fly'. IDE-fix:Enhance your IDE-port! Faster transfer, faster booting, less CPU use!No MaxTransfer troubles, set MaxTransfer as big as you like!TD64 commands supported, use IDE drives bigger than 4 GIG with yourAmiga (requires FileSystem with TD64 support).Patches into the system 'on the fly', no reboot required.Use 4 IDE drives with your Amiga (with additional 4 drive adapter)!!!Supports removable IDE units (SyQuest or ZIP IDE drives) without trouble!PlayCD:Full featured Audio player for SCSI-II and ATAPI CD-ROMs.Programmable, requires only small amount of memory.CD32:Turns your Amiga 1200 or 4000(T) into a CD32 with the press of a button!Supports SCSI-II or ATAPI CD-ROMS! Includes playing of CDDA from CD32 Titles!AutoParkPrefs:Completely rewritten AutoParkPrefs, intuition based.Allows parking of IDE harddisks after a defined time of inactivity.UnInstall:Removes the whole package if you don't like it.Documentation is included in english and german.

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