HazLabeler Suite - Single User Version

Includes HazLabeler and HazViewer. A complete RTK labeling and MSDS tracking system. Featuring dozens of reports and the ability to make NFPA and HMIS




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Windows All Versions

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Description of HazLabeler Suite - Single User Version:

HazLabeler helps businesses using hazardous materials to create RTK andMSDS labels for stocked chemicals and maintain the necessary records totrack acquisition and disposition. The program features dozens of reportsand the ability to make NFPA- and HMIS-style labels in minutes. The dataforms are clearly tabbed to organize your information, with plenty of legendinfo on the form and detailed help. The software is designed for network useand allows for restricted write authority to ensure data security. Thereports let you monitor what chemicals are in use, which are no longeractive in your organization, and the necessary supporting information toensure the highest level of safety. Standard color coding and placardsymbology are employed throughout. You'll find a brief tutorial and links tothe developer Website for support beyond that offered by the documentation.

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