Easy and convenient way to gather digital evidence from a computer hard drive. Designed to support electronic discovery.




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Description of Evidor:

Software for lawyers, law firms, corporate law and IT security departments, licensed investigators, and law enforcement agencies. Evidor retrieves the context of keyword occurrences on computer media, not only by examining all files (the entire allocated space, even Windows swap/paging and hibernate files), but also currently unallocated space and so-called slack space. That means it will even find data from files that have been deleted, if physically still existing.

Electronic evidence aquisition and discovery

Evidor is a particularly easy and convenient way for any investigator to find and gather digital evidence on computer media. Evidor also comes most handy in civil (pre-)litigation if one party wants to examine (inspect) the computers of the other party. Evidor can be used on site for electronic discovery, will not disclose irrelevant proprietary or confidential information and does not impose an undue burden on the responding party in terms of personnel, time and money. Evidor serves as an automated forensic examiner, saving you the cost of many hours of hard manual expert work. Evidor produces reliable, replicable, neutral, and simple results, just as needed before court. Powerful and fast. 

IT security

Evidor is also an excellent tool for proving the presence or absence of confidential data on computer media, either to detect a security leak or confirm a lack thereof. With Evidor you often finds remnants (or even intact copies) of classified data that should have been encrypted, securely erased, or should not have existed on a media in the first place. 

Included in Evidor is Davory and X-Ways Trace.

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