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A long article on health preservation. This was the last one of Mr. Wang Xiangzhai¡¯s writings. [PDF, unpacked]




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"Introduction to Yangshengzhuang (Standing Exercises for Health Preservation)" was the last one of Mr. Wang Xiangzhai¡¯s writings. This article was published in Jiankangbao (Health Magazine) on 26.6.1963, only a few days before Wang¡¯s death. At the time this article was published, Mr. Wang had been researching the art of health preservation, particularly the exercise of Yangshengzhuang ¡ª a kind of standing meditational practice (though covering much more than that), in co-operation with several hospitals and research institutes. The results were so good, that today the exercise of Yangshengzhuang, or Zhanzhuang, as it is more often called, are part of the methods of therapy in numerous hospitals all over China. This article introduces the standing exercises to the common people, both to beginners, and experienced practitioneres of martial and health arts, in a way easy to understand. [PDF, unpacked]

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