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InfoCryptor is a critical information organizer. It stores and guards important formatted documents/ notes/ passwords/ messages/security codes/ e-mail




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Description of Cynapse InfoCryptor:

InfoCryptor is a multi-user secure information storage application that assists you to manage and organise your critical information. InfoCryptor is specifically designed to store every kind of textual information, such as important notes, passwords, messages, security codes, large official documents, e-mail addresses and their passwords, credit card information, customer interface information, e-mails, etc. It also contains an advanced document editor, to store and edit rich formatted text. The information can be arranged in the form of records and logically structured within folders, in a familiar, easy to use explorer like interface. A master password restricts access to the entire information database of the user. Apart from its various levels of security, InfoCryptor implements an optimised 448 bit encryption system, giving you military strength & security. InfoCryptor's easy to user Export / Import feature and its backup solution make secure portability and exchange of information a breeze.Features: 448-bit symmetric encryption cipher, Various levels of security implementation, Multiple User support with individually customisable user accounts, 'Export to encrypted file' capabilities, for easy portability or distribution of secure information,Organisation of records in folders, similar to Windows Explorer, Drag-Drop feature to support easy moving and copying of records into folders within the application,Backup and Restore all account information into an encrypted file,Integrated secure password generator,Advanced fast search capability with various search parameters,Non tamper-able encrypted logging system, to monitor and cross reference every action performed in the account,Hint question and secret answer support (optional) for password retrieval,Various viewing modes for ease of usability.

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