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Create great looking professional Web menu/navigation for Web Site (A MUST)




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Win CE/Pocket PC

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Description of Customers Care - 10 licences:

The Web Menu Builder improves your Web site by providing a professional look.

It creates fully customizable menus, you have at least 6 good reasons to use it :

1 - Avoid losing visitors by providing direct access to their interests
2 - Impress your visitors with your original site design
3 - Your site visitor can navigate effortlessly through all parts of your site
4 - Fully customizable, +100 features, special effects, styles, ...
5 - Easy to create/maintain and prototype your site
6 - No Plug-Ins, no Applets, ... nothing else needed !

If you are a Javascript/DHTML expert :
Often, to create a professional looking Web Menu, you need to have extensive
knowledge of HTML, DHTML, JavaScript and other Web related technologies.

Perhaps you are a Web expert, but do no have the time to waste on developing
menu/navigation, verifying it for each browser, optimizing the code, ...

It is also a very good tool that allows you to design your menu in seconds
and instantly see the results.

Quickly modify and integrate your menu into your Web site to function to
your specifications.

If you have no extensive knowledge of Web technologies :
The Web Menu Builder is for you, it is easy to use and creates quick
professional results.

It will give your site the appearance of a super Web Site, but without a
complex and long development phase !!

Why wait any longer, try it for free ! and ... BOOST Your Web

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