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Description of Classic Lines:

Summary of game Color Lines.On the game field color balls appear constantly. They can quickly "populate" the whole field if you will not take pains to free it. For disappearing balls you receive points. Your task is to gather as much points as possible. From the game field are removed horizontal, vertical and diagonal lines which formed from five and more balls identical by color. Such lines you can form by removal of the balls in the field. During one move you can remove one ball to any new spot on condition that between its initial and terminal position free from other balls path exitsts. Three new balls appear after every your move if its result was not satisfactory (namely if your move did not form removed line). Their color and spot are choosed by chance. The game is finished when there will not be one free check. Supplement The catalogue with game consists of the following files:MYSONG.MIDMYSOUND.WAVYou can rename your sound files in mysong.mid, mysound.wav files and then your favourite music and sound choosing by you are played in the background mode. We would like to note that sound file mysound.wav must have a small size otherwise long file will get on your nerves.

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