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CD Archive is a CD Catalogue, which helps you to manage your CDs or DVDs and to find the files you are looking for quickly. It has also a HTML export.



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Description of CD Archive - English:

Description of CD Archive:
CD Archive is a CD indexer. It helps you to sort your CDs, DVDs or other media and the files on them. You can find any program or file you are looking for in seconds instead of having to insert every single CD you have in the drive and search manually. Just let CD Archive read the content of each of your CDs once, and you won't have any problems to find your data any more.

Furthermore, the program can export the archive as HTML files, e.g. for making a MP3 playlist or to generate a CD Menu.

Moreover, it can also calculate the size of directories. Thus, you know WHY your hard disk is full and where all the files blocking the disks are: The program displays the direcories containing the files needing the most space.

CD Version of CD Archive:
If you buy the CD, you'll get a serial number for activating the full version directly after purchasing, that's the same as in the other versions.Furthermore, I will send you a CD. The CD contains the English, French and German version of the program. Here's the content of the CD:

; New version of CD Archive - This is the sameas on 3.5" Disk or on this page.
The following additions may not be used for commercialpurposes.
Some additional programs (Language: German!!!):A program for drawing and analyzing functions of the typef(x)=(ax^4+bx^3+cx^2+dx+e) / (fx^4+gx^3+hx^2+kx+m); Editor for C&C 2: Tiberian Sun. This program can modify nearlyall buildings and units of the game. Furthermore, it is possible to includesome new units. ; Perhaps some other programs
; High resolution Images created with Vue d'Esprit3.
(The same images as on the homepage, but in a higherresolution. At least 20 images in 2048*1536 and one in4096*3072 (!).) ; Some AVI videos (at least 320*240, 24 fps versions of the Vue 3animations on my homepage).
; If you own Vue 3, I will add some Vue 3 scenes.Multiple licenses:
Get between 8 and 20 licenses for only $ 4.99 or ? 4.99 each

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