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BookNavigator - tree-organized storage of links at files & documents (not only HTML) in combination with advanced multi-file search system




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Description of Book Navigator:

BookNavigator is a combination of documents organizer and powerful search system.

The Program stores tree-organised links to documents of any kind. Program window divided into two parts. Left part : "Links Tree", "Bookmarks" and "Search" Tabs. And Right part is a built-in WebBrowser for reading documents.

It was intended for use with HTML books that consist of hundreds of files.

Features include: ; Seamless WebBrowser for view documents (with additional features).; Plesant fill collection with data: single add documents or Automatic (process HTML links and add all related files); Multifile search: a)Logical expressions. b)search in results. c)Store/Load/Export search results ; Bookmarks system: a)Insert at any place INSIDE document. b)Organize by:Category,Name,Rating. ; Build-in WebBrowser Autoscroll mode.; Integration with shell: a)support of OLE Drag&Drop b) additioanl menu items in explorer.; Favorites manager.; Flexible settings.; Ad much more...

The program provides a clean, intuitive, and well-organized interface making its most powerful functions easy for anyone to use.

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