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Description of Bildschutz / K-Lab Watermark (personal & commercial use):

K-Lab Watermark helps you to protect your images and/ore to use your digital images for advertising purposes . You can write some color or transparent watermark on them. The Watermark can be text or an image. The text can be your copyright, your name, address or anything else.
K-Lab Watermark is able to work with images in the formats JPEG, PNG, GIF, Animated GIF, EMF and WMF. You can add to the image you want to protect some transparent or color watermark and save the resulting image in a new file with the same or an other format. This is not only useful to protect your copyright you can also use it for advertise purposes or for your collection of holiday pictures.
The program is very useful for photographer, computer painters, designers, and everybody, which publish their works via Internet or in any other digital form like a CD.
K-Lab Watermark enables you to sign your images or photographs with your copyright text or logo. The main features are:-Easy to use and intuitive user interface
-Text and/or image watermarks in single images
-Automatic Text and/or image watermarks in groups of images
-Automatic creation of thumbnails
-Free definition of your watermark settings
-Manual or automatic conversion in other graphic formats
-Works with all populate formats like JPG, PNG, BMP, GIF, WMF and EMF
-Adjustable compression for protected images

You can customize your watermarks
-Set and change font, color and size of your text to use as watermark
-Use transparent color for your image to use as watermark
-Set and change position of your watermark for the image you want to protect on predefined positions or use border spaces
-Select free transparency level for watermarks, it may be different for text and image watermark
-Select size of thumbnails
-You can save your watermark settings and restore them in the registered version by one click

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