Balltris is an incredibly addictive color matching game.




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Description of Balltris:

Colored balls fall from above and you've got to organize and fit them together as efficiently and quickly as possible. This takes the good old Tetris we all know and love but has a few dramatically new concepts. What is fresh about Balltris is that the game has two entirely different goals depending on the number of options you choose. First, classical Tetris object - never let the pieces get stacked up. Second - just the other way around - fill up the playing area.
One of the challenging elements here is that when the three-ball piece hits the ground it breaks into parts which slide in different ways. Rack your brains and have fun trying to manage the unmanageable: unpredictability can add to your excitement.
Balltris will surely sharpen your spatial skills and test your reflexes to the limit, especially on the harder difficulty levels .
Moreover, you have got a fat selection of options to tweak the game to your liking: plenty of sound effects and graphics galore. Our user-friendly interface will make it difficult to put the game down.
Try your hand in Balltris and beat your best score!

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