AudioSlimmer converts MP3 and WAV to WMA 8, slims to 50% the size of your MP3s; WAV from MP3, cuts section of audio files. Id3Tag Editor included.




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Description of AudioSlimmer:

AudioSlimmer is an easy-to-use audio converter, useful to create Windows Media Audio 8 files from your existing MP3s or WAVs. It can also be used to decode WAVs from MP3s, to play music and to manage the files. Advanced ID3Tag editor for MP3 and WMA files included, also provides functions for the automatic file rename using the ID3Tag information. AudioSlimmer permits file group conversions and enables to extract specified sections of audio files. AudioSlimmer produces WMA files, encoded using the revolutionary Windows Media Audio8 format, that provides: - CD-Quality Audio at half the size of MP3- WM Audio 8 encoding captures more of the original WAV audio file than MP3 or Real Audio 8 The WMA files can be played using Windows Media Player 7 and 6.4 for Windows and Mac. Winamp and all the consumer devices that support Windows Media Audio today already support Windows Media Audio 8 and require no technology upgrade.Supported file formats: MPEG-1 Layer3 (MP3), WaveAudio (WAV), Windows Media Audio (WMA)Some features of AudioSlimmer :- conversion of MP3 files to WM Audio8 format- conversion of WAV files to WM Audio8 format- decoding of MP3 files to WAV files- automatic detection / manual setting of audio quality- automatic calculation of the resulting file size, depending on audio quality- conversion of the entire file - conversion only for a specified section- embedded enhanced player for MP3, WAV and WMA- fast directory view (fast moving through directory)- list of more recent used folders- file management functions (move, delete, rename, copy file, explore folder)Language : English/Italiano.

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