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Description of AscToRTF - text to RTF converter:

AscToRTF converts text files using clever text-recognition algorithms that detect the document's structure. These can recognize headings, bullets, lists, indentation, URLs, tables, ASCII art and much more. The resulting RTF faithfully reflects the structure of the original document. The text analysis is performed by the same highly-praisedengine found in JafSoft's AscToHTM text-to-HTML converter.

This easy-to-use program adds value to the RTF e.g. by turning anyURLs or numbered section cross-references into usable hyperlinks and allowing the user to choose the font settings and document properties such as keywords and title.

At its simplest you just choose the files to be converted, press a single button and the results are displayed in your RTF viewer. For the advanced user a large number of options allow you fine tune the conversion process. The selected options may be saved in "policy files" for reuse next time you run the program.

AscToRTF is a great tool for anyone who wants to generate RTF automatically e.g. to email reports to users, or to batch convertlarge numbers of files. It will also help users who wish to convert large structured or legacy text files to RTF for use in their word processing packages. It comes with extensive documentation.

The interface can be toggled between English, German, Spanish or Portuguese, although the documentation is only available in English.A console version is available to registered users which is better suitedto use in batch mode

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