Applications Monitor Minimal Package

Monitors your work progress. Analyses efficiency of your work and your working tools.




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Description of Applications Monitor Minimal Package:

Do you know how much time you use Internet Explorer?
Do you know how much time from that time you spend on your favorite sites?
Do you want to know how efficiently you spend your computer time?
Applications Monitor would try to answer on all these questions and even more!

If you are a manager and you want to know what applications and documents your people are working at during the working day. How many time they spend using ICQ, for example, or Microsoft Word? Do you want to know is this new Text Editor program is good enough for your office? You can install a trial version of it and monitor the efficiency of use!

The heuristic mechanism allows Applications Monitor to be independent of programs and documents types it monitors. It also allows you to vary analysis options and structure result data different ways.

Applications Monitor consists of two programs: Applications Monitor program and Applications Monitor Analyzer.
First program monitors user when it works, the second serves to perform data analysis, organize, structure, build graphs, count time and export result data.

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