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Description of WinTWeaker SE:

IntroThis program (WinTweaker) is a security tool for your Windows OS, tested in Windows 98 and Windows ME (Millenium Edition)... also run in Windows 2000 and Windows XP but have some limitations. It can hide/show, enable/disable and change some Windows settings.*FeaturesAdd/Remove:This is the same as the built-in "Windows Add/Remove Programs", but you can see thecommand line of registered uninstall program. It can Uninstall and Remove the itemin the list.Start Menu:You can hide or show some option in the "Start Menu", like... you can hide the RUN,FIND, LOGOFF, FAVORITES, DOCUMENTS, SHUTDOWN and many more...Control Panel:This tweak can disable or hide some settings to avoid any changes in your Windows,like... you can disable your "Display Properties" box.Desktop:This tweak can disable or hide your desktop items.Network:This tweak can hide your "Entire Network" or "Workgroups" in Network Neighborhood.System:This tweak can disable some options like "Registry Editor", Auto-Run of CD-Roms andcan hide the little arrow in your .lnk file Shortcuts.Hints:You can change the tooltips (Hints) of some Shell, like "My Computer".Internet Explorer:In this tweak... you can change some settings in your Internet Explorer Browser,you can disable the File Menu, Tools Menu, disable Context Menu (right click) andcan disable download.Windows Explorer:This tweak can disable your Context Menu (right click) in Windows Explorer and inDesktop and can hide all of your Hard Drives.Folder security:new add in this version enjoy,you cant disable folder view,disable delete file and folder.Apply:This is the important button, clicking this will save any changes you've done in theWinTweaker. Some tweaks need a restart to take the effect.Set Password:You can set a Admin Password to avoid manipulating the WinTweaker.Shutdown:You can Restart or Shutdown your Windows here.Version: New License: Shareware ($25.50)Trial Time: 30 daysOS: Windows 95/98/ME/2000/XPLanguage: EnglishRelease Date: May 2003

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