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VisualSoft Crypt is a Cryptographic Component for Windows environment, which provides Symmetric Algorithms for encryption/decryption.




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Description of VisualSoft Crypt:

What is VisualSoft Crypt?

VisualSoft Crypt is a Cryptographic Component for Windows environment which provides Symmetric Algorithms for encryption /decryption. VisualSoft Crypt includes powerful Rijndael Algorithm, which is a Federal Information Processing Standard (FIPS) approved Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) for symmetric encryption. VisualSoft Crypt can be used to protect sensitive data in Government, Financial, Health Care and e-Business Applications.


Symmetric Algorithms

File Operations
Encryption; Decryption; Self - Decrypting Archive with Compression; Archive Mailing; Archive FTP
ActiveX, COM DLL
Financial; Government; Health Care; e-Business
What?s new in Crypt 3.4?
Available both as a COM DLL and ActiveX control. ; Supports Microsoft .NET Technology. ; Generation of a self-decrypting archive with compression.; Uploading the generated self-decrypting archive.; Mailing the generated self-decrypting archive as an attachment.; Supports Streaming Techniques for encryption and decryption.; Provides viewing the status (progress) of the encryption/decryption operation.; Facilitates handling conversions of inputs in Binary/Hexadecimal/Base64 format to produce output in the corresponding formats.; Supports Triple-DES (2-key) algorithm.; Allows to encrypt/decrypt simple strings, Blobs and byte arrays.; Encrypts and decrypts data which is in Binary, Hexadecimal or Base64 format.; Supports ECB, CBC, CFB and OFB modes for all the block ciphers.; Provides output in Binary, Hexadecimal and Base64 format.; Supports PKCS#5 padding scheme.

VisualSoft Crypt is compatible with a wide range of development languages and platforms, including:
Microsoft Visual Studio 5.0 ; Microsoft Visual Studio 6.0 ; Microsoft Visual Studio .NET ; Borland Products (Delphi & C++) ; Microsoft Office 97/2000

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