SecureCard for Windows

SecureCard for Windows - Encrypt any data on Windows and Storage media and send it to other users on Pocket PC and Palm.




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Windows All Versions

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Description of SecureCard for Windows:

SecureCard - Secure Card provides users with options for encrypting a single or multiple files, or the entire card. Users are afforded the opportunity to determine how data is converted into "ciphertext," the un-readable text that is viewed on the device's screen before it is unlocked by an authorized user, by choosing from a variety of encryption algorithms.
The data can be encrypted on Palm and send to users on Pocket PC or Windows and allow them to decrypt or encrypte it in those devices as long as the user is authorized to do so.

While the amount of data that companies are providing to their employees seems endless, the amount of storage space on handheld devices is not, which is why the vast majority of handhelds now offer slots for expansion memory cards. Storing confidential corporate data on expansion cards may be a space saver, but it is also a security threat since the cards are small and easily lost or stolen. Secure Card expands our PDA Secure line to ensure that data stored on expansion cards cannot be breached by unauthorized parties.

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