SafeGuard PDA Personal Edition, Single license, English

SafeGuard PDA protects your Mobile Device and your privacy with secure authentication and encryption.


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Win CE/Pocket PC

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Description of SafeGuard PDA Personal Edition, Single license, English:

Now version 2.0!
SafeGuard PDA is an all-in-one security solution for your Pocket PC. It protects your Pocket PC against unauthorized access (login) by using both, a secure authentication and a powerful encryption. Select your preferred access to your PDA from three different methods:
1. Use PDA keyboard
2. Use symbols
3. Handwrite your password
Comes with a comprehensive manual of 60 pages (1.0 MB) including a description of this powerful software and its cooperation with SafeGuard PrivateCrypto and SafeGuard PrivateDisk. You can exchange confidential data between Pocket PCs and PCs e.g. via encrypted memory cards and improve the protection of your infrastructure containing mobile Pocket PCs, notebooks, workstations and servers.
SafeGuard PDA includes the latest encryption algorithm AES, ensures confidentiality of your data, allows to encrypt all kinds of files to securely exchange them with others (e. g. by e-mail). It also received the Microsoft "Designed for Windows for Pocket PC" logo that ensures optimal interoperability with Pocket PC hard- and software.
For centrally managed environments, SafeGuard PDA Enterprise Edition is the product of choice. In addition to the functions of the Personal Edition, it allows to centrally enforce a security policy on Pocket PCs including password rules and automated encryption settings it includes Active Directory support and many more functions targeted for Enterprise demands.
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