ProBot SE (Single Computer License)

ProBot SE is a keystroke and event logger packed with features - a totally invisible program that remains undetected even under the most prying eye.




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Windows All Versions

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Description of ProBot SE (Single Computer License):

ProBot SE is a powerful workstation monitoring and keylogging suite. This software generates the detailed event log that is kept securely in binary files. These files may be later refered by the system administrator or computer owner for the exact reconstruction of the computer usage. The SE (Special Edition) means complete stealth opearation. ProBot SE remains undetected even under the most prying eyes. It is invisible both in Windows 9x/ME Ctrl+Alt+Del List and Windows NT process list. Features:; Stealth: invisible in process list ; Active window titles and process names logging ; Keystrokes / password logging ; Regional keyboard support ; Keylogging in NT console windows ; Launched applications list ; Dialog text dumps ; Visited Internet URL logger ; File and Folder changes logger ; Mouse activities ; Workstation user and timestamp recording ; Log file archiving, separate log files for each user ; Log file secure encryption ; Invisible operation ; Native GUI session log presentation ; HTML and Text log file export ; Automatic E-mail log file delivery ; Built-in daily work hour scheduler ; Comprehensive engine triggering system ; Support for Windows (R) 95/98/ME and Windows (R) NT/2000/XP ; Easy setup & uninstall wizards

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