Password Construction Kit

Construct 1 - 10,000 random length passwords or construct passwords to fit your needs by choosing the character group(s) and order that these group(s)




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Description of Password Construction Kit:

Password Construction Kit makes it very easy to construct from 1 to 10,000 constant or random length passwords. Each password can be from 1 - 256 characters in length. Each character of the password can be comprised of uppercase letters, lowercase letters, numbers, special characters, hyphens and spaces.Password Construction Kit allows you to easily tailor the format of the passwords to your specifications by using the Mask Editor and Specify Characters dialogs. Each character of the password is compared against the previous character to make sure no duplication is occurring (unless setup by the user through the Mask and Specify Characters dialogs). Each password generated is checked against the others in the list to make sure that they are unique.Features of Password Construction Kit include:1. Mask editor - allows you to exactly specify the format of your password2. Specify Character dialog - total control over which characters will be selected when creating your passwords3. Specify the seed for the random generator4. Save list of passwords as HTML or as a delimited file.5. Copy individual or the entire list of passwords to the clipboard

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