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MDSA Sentinel is a monitoring and surveillance software that is capable to record every keystroke typed, websites visited, window titles, and it can b


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Description of MDSA Sentinel:

Professional monitoring and surveillance, with stability and organization.
Key Logger - MDSA Sentinel logs all keystrokes, that means, any chat conversation, instant message, password typed, and so on. The logs are saved completely different from any other monitoring software. First, because they are divided into 11 different categories: America Online, AOL Instant Messenger, CompuServe, ICQ Messenger, MSN Messenger, Yahoo! Messenger, Opera Browser, Internet Explorer Browser, password window and others. Secondly, because the keystrokes are differed by color: green for mail messages, orange for chat room conversations, red for instant messages, and navy for other types of keystrokes. At last, the logs are saved in HTML format, which makes the text really organized and easy to read. In conclusion, MDSA Sentinel is way easier to work with than any other monitoring software.
Active Window Caption - Keep track of the window titles of the application that are currently being used and showing on the screen. Very useful feature.
Website Tracker - Don't trust your browser history feature, because it can't be easily deleted. Keep track of the websites visited by any user with MDSA Sentinel.
Website Filter - MDSA Sentinel website filter can block the user from visiting any website. It creates a log with the Windows user name that was blocked, date and time when the user was blocked and the site that he/she attempted to visit.

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