Log Alerter Version 1.0

The intrusion detector and log analyzer for Web Servers running on Microsoft Operating Systems. This program analyzes and listens log files for given




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Description of Log Alerter Version 1.0:

Log Alerter watches your log files for specified keys. When an alert is found, it can send e-mail, open a program or play a sound. Log Alerter is a program especially for people who are responsible from their company's security. It is designed as an Intrusion Detection System for web servers, but can be used as a log analyzer to find the critical words or phrases in log files. It supports log formats used in IIS but it can be used with any log format by specifying the log delimeter used in the log file. This makes Log Alerter more flexible to work with any log format. Also Logging, Reporting and Printing sections make Log Alerter more user friendly.

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