2Lock! is a utility that allows you to protect your computer from unauthorized access.




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Description of 2Lock!:

2Lock! is a utility that allows you to protect your personal computerfrom unauthorized access. It's attractive, secure, and very easy touse. It can start automatically on bootup process or with Windows andoptionally lock your desktop upon loading. Any action performed by2Lock! is recorded to encypted log file.2Lock! can: * Log every action performed by anyone trying to access your computer * Protect every unauthorized access to 2Lock! with a password * Block access to your computer on boot process, on Windows loading or as a screen saver * Disable Windows hot keys (such as Alt-Ctrl-Del, Alt-Tab, Ctrl-Esc, etc.) * Allow you to define as much users that can have access to your computer as you like * Be activated by user defined hot key combination or directly from the system trayWhether you're worried about coworkers or your kids messing up yourwork files, 2Lock! is a software-only solution to your security needs.

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