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PDASecure - Securing your PDA device using access control, encryption, wipe and more...




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PDASecure(TM) - The first truly enterprise-capable security solution for handheld devices using patent pending solution- From Trust Digital. Secure, encrypt and password protect your data and applications, including data Wipe and much more. Features and Benefits: Provides full control of data security. ; Provides application-based database security. ; Encrypts data for standard and third party applications on the device. ; Provides Sync; password protection to stop unauthorized syncing of data. ; Provides IrDa port /Beam password protection to stop unauthorized beaming of data ; Allows automatic encryption of all selected information stored in the device after power-off or user definable time frame. ; Allows on-demand encryption/decryption of database files. ; Decrypts only database files that are required and not all data on the device. ; Gives full control with timed features for password protection and encryption. ; Displays owner information on login screen to help in device recovery.

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