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Description of Elfrah PCSpy basic:

Elfrah PCSpy gives the ultimate assistance in monitoring your children, spouse, and your personal computer. This application records every keystroke and stays undetectable. Additionally it records time, path and titles of the applications. It's secure, surveillance and easy-to-use. Purposes Monitor your computer while you are away; Monitor your children or spouse activity; A security service can monitor employee's PC activity; System administrator can monitor correctness of user's PC activity and view the activity history; Government, law enforcement and investigative agencies can gather critical intelligence data and evidence of criminal PC activity; Retrieve lost information; Find out what you actually wrote; Monitor which and when programs were opened; Features Invisible background work; Add/Remove Program invisibility; Task Manager -> Applications invisibility (by CTRL + ALT + DEL); Invisible logfile; Encryption of the logfile by custom keys; Key sequences (e.g. Ctrl+S, Alt+T) recognition; Logs every keystroke; Logs passwords; Logs written e-mails; Logs chat conversations; Logs the URLs of the visited homepages; Logs applications titles, path and time; Logs time of logon; "Run on startup" feature; Summons on entered custom password; Help is available by "Help" button.

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