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CovertMail helps keep your e-mail private. This program is designed to work jointly with Outlook Express. It provides complete privacy and security of your message store, protecting it from anyone who may want to access your correspondence without authorization. Outlook Express (version 5 and higher) lets you create several identities and even password-protect them. However, there are several reasons that make it insufficient:- native Outlook Express password protection is very weak and may be easily cracked;- message store is stored unencrypted, plainly accessible even if an identity password is unknown;- frequently, there is a need to hide the very fact of secret identity's existence, not merely prohibit access to it. This program resolves all these problems. CovertMail hides the identity you specify (it won't be visible through Outlook Express anymore) and encrypts message store. You can get yourself two identities, a usual one and a secret one -- the latter totally hidden from anyone.Important! The program works only in conjunction with Outlook Express ver. 5.0 and up. It will NOT function with other mail utilities, including Outlook.

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