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Ad-aware Plus Edition Ad-aware Plus has been enhanced to provide the user with expandability, customization and real-time monitoring and blocking




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Description of Ad-aware Plus:

Step up to the next level in privacy protection! With Plus, you now have the power to be PROACTIVE rather than REACTIVE!

Ad-aware Plus Edition With all the functionality and power of the Standard Edition, we have further enhanced the Plus edition to provide the user with expandability, customization and real-time monitoring and blocking for their system. Not only can you remove privacy threats from your computing environment, you can also BLOCK them from invading your system in the first place!

Ad-aware Plus Edition is designed to provide continuous protection from known Datamining, aggressive advertising, Parasites, Scumware, Keyloggers, selected traditional Trojans, Dialers, Malware, Browser hijackers, and tracking components.

Ad-aware Plus has been enhanced with an all-new scanning engine. It is more powerful than any we have produced before! Plus is safer, faster, more comprehensive, and configurable than our previous versions and now includes the following:

Safety and troubleshooting

+ Redundant archival backup capability

+ An Archive content viewer and manager

+ Sensitive memory and registry section Locks

+ Enhanced logging and reporting capabilities

+ Real-time alerts

+ All new troubleshooting option to help resolve unhandled exceptions.


+ Customizable file size limits

+ Non-executable file exclusion

+ Unloading of recognized processes, shell extensions and COM objects prior to removal.

Enhanced scanning and blocking

+ Kill popups

+ Reanalyze scan results using additional heuristics

+ Block ActiveX and web installations


+ Plus specific plug-ins for greater functionality

+ Operating system specific customization

+ User interface customization

+ Feature tweaking to allow Ad-aware to fit your system rather than making your system fit Ad-aware.

+ Additional shell extension integration

For individual or stand-alone systems Plus is the solution you need to protect yourself from the worst that the Internet advertising world has to offer. Don't allow your privacy and system to be compromised, keep the Barbarians at the gate!

+ Supports Ad-aware Plus compatible plug-ins
+ Includes Ad-watch

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