DVMagic Waterfall Screensaver

If there ever was a paradise it would be DVMagic Waterfall Screensaver.




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Description of DVMagic Waterfall Screensaver:

If there ever was a paradise it would be the new DVMagic Waterfall Screensaver. Azure surfaces of an ideal mountain lake, fed through cascades of living waterfalls bewitch with its soothing water-flow motion and gives a feeling of heavenly comfort. Eagles soar in the sky and tropical butterflies flutter around in deep jungle thickets adding a divine and natural reality to this scenic screensaver. Gentle nature sounds allow you to fully immerse into a fantasy world. With DVMagic Waterfall Screensaver you'll get the opportunity to save your screen and see a real-time change of day into night on the screen as well.

You can customize the screensaver with the following options:

; Choice amount of eagles; Show eagles; Show butterflies; Setting real time of day; Choose your City; Show Sunrise/Sunset; Toggle sound on/off; Speed setting; Display resolution; Gamma setting; Enable/disable show clock; Color of clock; Size and position of the clock

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