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Test and compare your computer with others allover the world!


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Description of Test In One Minute:

Test and compare your computer with others allover the world! The target of "Test In One Minute" is to test overall performance of computer rapidly,accurately and directly. It remedies the shortage of some test softwares which need high configuration or so much time or so many test items, or have no steady baseline,or have only a "score" of theory but not concern the actual feeling of user.Main features:1. It takes only one minute , you can get a direct overall performance of your computer.2. Only five test items: integer, float, memory, disk and DirectDraw. All the items are in common use.3. Can compare your system with others allover the world!4. The most important result if test is "One Minute Mark" , it's a relative score to a base system. We try our best to make this OM Mark close to the actual feeling of users.5. The software support various platform from old Pentium to the newest P4. It needn't update the baseline for some years.6. Analyses of result and upgrade advice can give beginner some good advice to evaluate and upgrade their systems.7. Various options can help for advanced users. AMD 3DNOW and Intel SSE are supported.8. A administrable machine database can contrast your system with others.

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