FreeMem 4.3

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Description of FreeMem 4.3:

"FreeMem Professional helps you enhance the performance of your PC dramatically by automatically freeing up physical RAM wasted by Windows and other large applications. This gives your system up to 100% performance gain without the need for expensive, and time consuming upgrades."
What will FreeMem do for me? Increase your RAM performance up to 100% ; Run multiple large applications without system slowdowns; Simple-to-use interface suitable for both beginners and power users
FreeMem Pro runs seamlessly in the background, freeing up set amounts of RAM at regular interval. This allows your system to run smoother, lessens wait times, and speeds up applications load and run time.
A taskbar icon lets you view RAM usage at any time, and in low-memory conditions you can run an emergency RAM free-up giving your system that extra performance gain to rip through large applications "

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