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Frederick is a powerful utility for multi-protecting, controlling and easier working in Windows.




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Description of Frederick Pro:

Frederick is a powerful utility for multi-protecting, controlling and easier working in Windows.

Frederick Pro detects when running application intercepts data which you input from keyboard, checks Internet acccess and uses of your private system address book.

; Build-in test of use allows you to see possibilities of program

; Tasks function manages all of running tasks in system (even hidden processes)

; Checks auto-start applications (e.g. detects spy-software), enables useful modification of system registry, provides registry cleaning tool also.

; Makes working on four (eight in PRO version) independent desktops possible by Virtual Desktops function, without interference to operating system

; Enables specific function of two-side windows, that enables creating personal notes for all applications and function for searching and opening files associated with given software.

; If you use modem connection, it may secure and prevent connecting with expensive phone numbers (can automatically disconnect this connection)

; Additional functions are e.g. Password Reminder (uncover hidden password fields), port scanner, anti pop-up etc.

; Displays full, current ports and connections status, with remote IP addresses, enables converting IP address to host name.

; User can get informations about holder of given domain from "who is" servers

; Provides access blocking for defined or group IP addresses

; Enables creating history for all network connections

; Provides special e-mail control function

; Displays status of CPU and RAM memory load

; Offers eight virtual desktops which can be named

; Contains advanced registry functions for system drivers and libraries control

; Provides useful function for cleaning system temporary directory

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