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Description of CPUInfo Professional:

CPUInfo is a windows based program, which shows extensive information about the available processors. For this purpose the software searches different sources of a computer system especially for processor details and show them in a categorized style. Particularly the CPUID instruction is an important basis and available on later 486 processors. This instruction allows a clear identification and uncovers interesting details to the used processor.

CPUInfo works under the operating systems Windows 9x/ME as well as Windows NT/2000/XP/2003 in any product families.

By the very comprehensive data elevation and processing CPUInfo is interesting for everybody who want to know exactly which processor works in his system and which characteristics it has. For the ambitious user the displayed internal data show new positions with respect to the used processor.

A licensing is valid for all 2.x.x versions, and for that versions all program updates will be distributed for free. For any simultaneous program start a separate license is necessary.

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