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Send and receive messages instantly (WinPopup replacement)




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Description of Vypress Messenger (1000+ licenses):

This is a powerful program for direct instant messaging in LAN, intranet or Internet. Vypress Messenger is the best replacement for standard WinPopup from Windows 95/98 and really #need to have# tool for any Windows NT network. It is have very cool and useful interface, ultimate fast and feature rich. Some of main features: high privacy (no third-party servers), advanced Address Book with groups and #deny lists# support, AutoAnswer, unique Message Filtering, fast mail sending, built-in mail notificator for two mailboxes and more... Versions with localized interface (French, German, Dutch, Russian, Spanish, Italianian, etc.) also available and can be downloaded from VyPRESS's site. Get control over your network messaging with new Vypress Messenger!

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