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Description of Vypress Auvis (100..999 licenses):

Vypress Auvis is a one way message client for Vypress Messenger. It is very easy to use program that running in system tray and allow your #dummy# users receive messages from #administrators# Vypress Messenger. Auvis's users can't send message anywhere. It is possible to disable some or all addition features of Auvis through special registry keys for prevent beginning users confusion. Also, Auvis incorporate e-mail notification for your users. If you administrator and you looking for broadcasting and unicasting services for you middle-large network - Auvis it very suitable program for you and your network! Vypress Auvis written in industry standard Microsoft Visual C++ and used very small system resources, efficient fast and can be run on any Windows system. Auvis support for UDP broadcast messages, has full set of security settings (for example, you can allow or disable messages from specified IP-address or addresses mask), used only 100 Kb of RAM, and very high in users favor. Today, Auvis is unique program on the market - it is especially designed for one-way message processing and don't cropped version of original full featured messenger.

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